Call for Papers

The aim of HECE 2020 is to offer a platform for the researchers throughout the world to swiftly publish, share and discuss various new findings and developments in the various areas of hydropower, environmental sciences and engineering. The section welcomes rudimentary and challenging studies concerning the basic and advanced technology, theoretical developments, new empirical data and innovative method of water resources and hydropower engineering, environmental engineering and other related research. Authors are invited to submit a full paper, and papers should be original and written in English.

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For editorial purposes, the HECE 2020 uses the following classifications, but not limited to those topics as below:

Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering

Hydrology Water resource


Irrigation and drainage

Water ecology and environment

Digital water conservancy

Numerical simulation and water information technology

Engineering hydraulics

River mechanics

Wave theory

Coastal dynamics

Coastal and offshore structures

Marine energy development

Digital water transport engineering

Estuarine and Coastal Dynamics

Environmental sediment

Port coast and offshore engineering

Slope engineering

Geotechnical engineering


Hydropower systems

Transition process, control and Simulation of hydropower station

New technology of water conservancy and Hydropower Engineering

New hydraulic materials and foundation treatment technology

Wind power control

Automatic generation control (AGC)

Earthquake resistance of high dam

Abutment stability

Construction technology of RCC arch dam

Rockfill concrete dam construction technology

Structural health monitoring and safety assessment

Environmental Science and Engineering

Atmospheric pollutants

Air, soil, water and biota chemical pollutants and health

Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry

Bioconcentration, bioaccumulation and biomagnification

Biotransformation and environmental fate

Contaminant behaviour and environmental processes


Biomonitoring and adverse/toxic health effects

Chemical stressors

Ecological chemistry


Environmental biotechnology

Environmental chemistry

Environmental epidemiology

Environmental functional materials for pollution control

Environmental risks assessment and management

Environmental toxicology

Food web interactions

Climate change

Indoor and outdoor air pollution control

Marine, freshwater and terrestrial ecosystems

Pollution detection and monitoring

Resource-Energy recovery during pollution control

Solid-Waste management

Soil and site pollution remediation

Waste treatment and disposal

Wastewater and sewage contaminants

Water pollution control and Water security

Civil Engineering